Inspirational Nature Photography 
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My Artwork

Here's a green heron stalking small fish in a local wetland area. I photographed it and used as a subject for a colored pencil drawing.

"Little Challenger"

I have always been inspired by owlsI have often observed black-capped chickadees scolding birds much larger than themselves, which is amusing.  I decided to draw a scenario I am sure occurs frequently in nature. 
"Saw Whet Owl"
These diminutive owls are often art subjects due to their rich coloration and endearing appearance.  About the size of a dollar bill, they spend most of their time in wooded thickets.
"Largemouth Bass and Frog"

Fishing, my other passion, was the inspiration for this underwater scene.
"Sentinel of the Dunes"

In the dead of Winter, snowy owls inhabit the beaches of New England, pulling back North to Canada as the weather warms. 
"Male Kestrel"

A beautiful crow-sized falcon, kestrels search for prey over open fields.  They are able to hover in place before dropping to the ground onto a rodent or other small creature.

Below, a mockingbird forages on a winterberry,  a scene I have observed and photographed before.  However, the plucking and swallowing happens in a split second, and is difficult to capture through the lens.
A red fox pauses to observe a Winter sunset...
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