Inspirational Nature Photography 
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About Me

     I discovered serious photography in my early 20's, moving from a 35 mm "point and shoot" to a manual Pentax K 1000 single lens reflex camera.  I was fascinated by how things looked through the lens, and I was attracted to the simplicity of the image, compared to the contrasting complexity of life.  I have always found photography to be a relaxing activity.

     Spending time observing the variety of birds at the feeders in my grandparents' yard inspired me to focus on bird photography.  It was  slow learning curve, developing the skills and patience needed to capture quality images of these fast-moving, cautious creatures.  So many of my early bird photographs lacked the impact I desired due to the small size of the subject in the frame, and distracting backgrounds.  I persevered and also, in time, acquired better equipment and lenses long enough to make the results more what I wanted.  Though I also enjoy landscapes and people photography, capturing living creatures in nature is what I love most.  The majority of my nature images have been made here in New England, and many within several miles of home here in Brockton, Massachusetts.

     Though I was a long-time "hold out", stubbornly continuing to shoot 35 millimeter slides until recently, digital photography has made the my creative journey even more rewarding and successful.  Being in control of the processing of my photographs has added so much more flexibility in how I wish to present and share my images.  And the immediacy of image availability is fantastic--I often rush home from an outing, looking forward to downloading and working on images I took that same morning!

     I am mainly a self-taught photographer, having read many of the enlightening books on the various aspects of photography.  Of course, the internet is also a great source of photographic information.  I have also belonged to several camera clubs and learned much from other members.  I am currently a member of the Hockomock Digital Photographers in East Bridgewater, Massachusetts, and enjoy the sharing and camaraderie the club provides.  I am also fortunate to have the support of my wonderful wife and family in my photographic endeavors.

     Again, I hope you enjoy viewing my website, and I hope you visit often as I will periodically be adding new images "from the field".  Please contact me if you wish to purchase a high quality print of any of the images displayed.  God Bless you.


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